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The benefits of PT are exponential. JAB searches the globe to bring you the best trainers in their field, so that you can get better results in the sport of your choice.

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Martial Arts is not only a total body workout, it is also good for self confidence, improved cardio health, focus, muscle tone, weight loss and it’s a great stress reliever. Deepen your skills at Studio by JAB.

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Because overall health is so much more than the amount of muscle or fat you have on your body, we at Studio by JAB believe that it is necessary to look at the whole being, not just a portion of it.

We offer:

  • Posturology
  • BioSignature Modulation
  • Cryo Ice Bath Therapy
  • Infra Red Sauna
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Kids are enrolled on teams before they are taught how to run, jump, hit, throw or kick. Athleticism is not just innate – like anything it is a trainable ability controlled by the central nervous system. Developing general fitness and strength, and excelling in any sport requires not only physical abilities but also sports specific skill. The younger a child can be taught the correct biomechanics of all movement patterns the greater their chance for success.

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The Studio by JAB has trainers and coaches specializing in movement, boxing, BJJ and other martial arts, dance, fitness, yoga and wellness – as well as expert therapists and consultants.

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Lifestyle Change

Learning Martial Arts

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Short Term

Body Transformation

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Videos of the Week

Kickbox your way to epic fitness!

Our Senior Kickboxing Coach, Jeferson Oliveira is originally from Brazil. He is a seasoned professional fighter with over 7 years fighting experience! He has amassed 105 fights which ultimately lead him to become the World Muay Thai Champion in 2014! At The Studio by JAB, he teaches all of our Kickboxing and Muay Thai classes, coaches 1 on 1 and tailors specific training for our amateur and professional fighters!Listen as Jef takes us through what kickboxing is, why you should kickbox and what the "8 points of contact" in Muay Thai are! Learn from a true Champion and leader in the sport!#studiobyjab #jab_hk

Posted by The Studio by JAB, Central on Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Boxing Combinations for epic fitness

Boxing isn't always about sparring and getting ready for a fight! It can genuinely be for those who just want to get fit and train hard! This is where boxing combinations come in; not only do they push your fitness to new levels but they also heighten your senses and coordination skills. Don't be scared to box- it has the potential to be the best and funnest work-out you have ever done! Try it now- we offer free trials for first-time fitness classes. Or choose to work out one-on-one with Ibrahim Labaran our Senior Boxing Coach.#jab_hk #studiobyjab #boxingcombinations #boxinghkwww.studiojab.jk

Posted by The Studio by JAB, Central on Wednesday, June 27, 2018



The Studio by JAB offers a variety of different services and classes, which are very much focused around their clients’ wants and needs. The staff is amazing, they are all extremely kind and supportive and strive to give their clients interesting and beneficial advice.

Sarah B.
15 years old

“I’ve done a bit of sport through my life, and my recovery was usually a sleep, a swim or some stretching. I had never done Cryo tank for recovery. It was AMAZING!!! A complete jolt to your nervous system and aching muscles and you are forced to focus on your breathing. I would recommend it to anyone feeling drained or exhausted from their training regime. I will be doing it again.”

Paul D.

Jeferson is agreat coach. He has a great ability to apply what he learnt in his fighting career and pass this knowledge on to his students. Many great fighters are not able to do this.

Mark C.

Kat's class was wonderful! Both Maylissa and myself thoroughly enjoyed her class and thought that Kat, as an instructor, was very qualified and someone we'd love to train with. The facilities are also great!

All About Sports Massage Therapy

Watch Kyle Edwards, Sports Therapist at The Studio by JAB, Central, discuss massage therapy and the benefits!

Posted by The Studio by JAB, Central on Sunday, January 13, 2019

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