Each spa session implements innovative dry, cold therapy and triggers the body’s natural healing process. Upon exiting the cryosauna, you will continue to experience the rejuvenating effects of the process and notice extended periods of enhanced ability and greater ease in achieving physical results.

After entering the cryochamber, your brain is quickly triggered to protect itself from the cold by rapidly pulling your blood into the body’s core. The cold causes vasoconstriction which helps to minimize muscle injury and to repair muscle tears quickly. The cold affects only the skin temperature, 1/2 millimeter deep, and doesn’t reduce the body’s internal temperature or freeze the tissue as does an ice bath.

After stepping out of the cryosauna, the super oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood rushes to the extremities and reduces inflammation and spasms by inducing a systemic (whole body) response that promotes pain relief, healing, and a physical sense of well being through the accelerated release of endorphins. Recovery and lost time from injury and physical exertion is shortened and the daily stresses on the mind and body are relieved an rejuvenated.

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“I’ve done a bit of sport through my life, and my recovery was usually a sleep, a swim or some stretching. I had never done Cryo tank for recovery. It was AMAZING!!! A complete jolt to your nervous system and aching muscles and you are forced to focus on your breathing. I would recommend it to anyone feeling drained or exhausted from their training regime. I will be doing it again.” Paul Douglas