Sean (Kereama) Nettle

Sean (Kereama) Nettle

So we sat down with our special trainee all the way from Hamilton, New Zealand, to catch up on how his journey has been so far with his pursuit of jiujitsu, and also to catch up on how his training here at JAB has been coming along. Check out what the 16 year old has to say on this way of life he is religiously paving, OSS!


Sean Nettle, who is currently on his final term break before he finishes high school with his A-Levels attained, dropped by Hong Kong for two weeks of intensive training here at JAB! The 16 year-old exclaims with excitement “I have only got 4 weeks and 3 exams left to get through before I can train full time and start working towards living my dream!” His dream is not like that of most of his mates playing rugby league; instead, he wishes to pursue the BJJ Dream. Sean is not simply a wishful youngster, he came in with solid determination and commitment, explaining his daily plan over here, “I wake up and head over to JAB to train at least twice a day. It’s more like a training holiday for me.” He told us his main objective for the holiday was to train up well enough to head back and compete in an upcoming local BJJ competition back home in Hamilton.


Not so often in today’s day and age do we come across such focused and disciplined teenagers. We asked him how he felt about spending his holiday away from his friends and he replied, “Fitting in is not my priority. As harsh as it sounds, my focus is on my own fight than on being close with other people” He no longer plays rugby league as he used to, and has been purely upping his game in martial arts since the age of thirteen. He started off under black belt, Eduardo Machado in Dubai, which is also where he met his professor for this training holiday, JAB’s very own black belt, Rodrigo Caporal. After training in Dubai till the age of fifteen, he shares, “Finding a new gym in Hamilton and getting myself to go there everyday was the biggest challenge. Especially since BJJ is not so widely practised as other forms of MMA in New Zealand, it is undeniably a task to find BJJ trainings around here, and to travel all the way to the gyms.”


Sean let no opportunities to train in Hong Kong go to waste. Rodrigo was undeniably impressed by the youngster’s efforts; “He came to train everyday and stuck around for both sessions. His technique improved evidently day by day as he trained more. He had his mindset right both inside and outside of the gym, on the streets or at home with his family. If he continues like this, there is no doubt of him becoming a BJJ champion soon, and also a UFC champion as he says his dream is.” From JAB, we would like to wish Sean all the very best with his A-Levels and cannot wait for him to join us here again soon!