The Studio by JAB: a new home and a facelift for JAB

The Studio by JAB: a new home and a facelift for JAB

Location Central
Discipline Boxing, kickboxing, strength & conditioning, yoga, kids BJJ, kids kickboxing
Price Sports-Barbell-iconSports-Barbell-icon (scroll down for price details)
Opened in September 2017 (new location)


JAB moved and became The Studio by JAB. For those who knew the initial place, expect a massive upgrade!



Concept wise, the idea was a brand new gym, keeping the best of JAB and adding more, to offer a holistic fitness experience that includes training, yoga, and recovery, to fit the typical Hong Kong person’s needs. Actually, they have done such a great effort on recovery techniques that I think it deserves a dedicated separate review, so stay tuned for this in the next days! I’ll talk to you today about the gym itself and the training aspect of it.


Particular care was taken with designing the gym, and not only the training area!

The Studio by JAB is sharing the floor with the restaurant Mr. Wolf, the latest addition to the Castelo Concepts empire. That makes it an ideal place to grab a coffee before/after training or to have a proper post-session breakfast, just saying.

One thing that actually deserves to be mentioned is that the team at the reception was very welcoming, friendly and doing everything to make sure you don’t feel lost and have what you need. This – sadly – doesn’t seem to be a given anymore at HK gym’s receptions…

The Studio is 4,500 square feet on one floor, including a weight room, a boxing/kickboxing area, a dance/yoga studio and a “cardio room” for the sweating part.



For recovery, a cryo-spa and an infrared sauna await you in a private small room.

When you’re done with all of that, you’ll enjoy your shower in a spacious changing room where the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and they’ve paid attention to all details to make it enjoyable.



And last but not least, The Studio by JAB has… a makeup room!!! I don’t even wear makeup and I could totally spend hours there getting ready. They have literally everything you may need.




Training at The Studio by JAB

The Studio by JAB offers different disciplines, in small group classes or personal training: strength and conditioning (body transformation or metabolic/fat loss), boxing, kickboxing, yoga, kids BJJ and kids kickboxing. I tried a body transformation class with Katherine Toong.

Senior Coach, Katherine has played competitive soccer and performed on the world stage in Irish dance for 18 years, before shifting her goals to strength and conditioning, for which she got several high-level international certifications. Needless to say, this woman knows a thing or two about discipline and how to adapt training to each individual.



It started with a mobility-focused thorough warm up – so much that I almost thought the workout had started towards the end of it – before moving to a challenging session composed of (3 sets of each):

  • 12 each leg front foot elevated split squats & 12 45° incline dumbbell row to hip
  • 12 lying leg curls & 12 45° incline dumbbell press
  • 4 laps prowler push & 12 dumbbell Powell raise on Swiss ball

Coaching people of different levels was absolutely not a problem for Katherine and none of us can say they had less attention… or managed to cheat a rep without her seeing it! A good rep is a rep with a perfect form, on tempo, hitting the requested depth, and engaging the right muscles. She has a very sharp eye and is very hands-on, that means a challenging workout, guided with precision and an unfailing support. So you’ll probably “suffer” but you’ll learn something and feel the effect of what you’re doing.


Prices   Sports-Barbell-iconSports-Barbell-icon

Drop-in: HK$300

9-week boxing, kickboxing, body transformation or fat loss training program, including 4 training sessions a week: HK$8,800

Package of classes: HK$250 per class

Package of PT sessions: HK$700 to HK$1,200 per session


The Studio by JAB

5/F Crawford House, 70 Queens Rd, Central