Head Coach

Andrew Wong Kee is the Managing Director and Head Coach at JAB. He is an accomplished sportsman and martial artist having played professional rugby in Hong Kong, won a world championship title in BJJ at the Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship, and a title in amateur Boxing. He is a black belt in Kyokushinkin Karate and a brown belt in BJJ.

He hosts and organizes an annual white-collar MMA and boxing competition, which allows JAB members to participate in amateur boxing fights and apply their training to real life matches. Together with Rodrigo, Andrew has helped form one of the most prolific BJJ teams in Hong Kong, which has seen tremendous success in local, regional and international competitions. He has been instrumental in securing sponsorships for students in the past, enabling them to realize their dreams of becoming world champions.

Andrew specialises in a strength and movement-based fitness training method. He is a level 2 Poliquin certified trainer, and is studying the Marinovich Training system, a unique method developed by the famed Marinovich brothers and favored by world class athletes for its emphasis on movement, balance, coordination and rhythm to bolster sports performance. He recently travelled to Santa Cruz in the U.S. to study directly under the Marinovich brothers, Marv and Gary.

Andrew is also a certified nutrition and lifestyle expert, bringing a well-rounded and holistic perspective to his training method as a Bio-signature Practitioner (nutrition and lifestyle coaching). He advises clients on health and wellness, which he views as a necessary complement to strength and fitness.

Andrew has an endless thirst for knowledge and has most recently achieved his level 1 certification in Posturology Education from the Posture Pro Institute in Montreal, Canada. Andrew is the first person to achieve this goal in Asia.

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Senior Coach

For the past five years, Jordan has played an instrumental role in training and coaching JAB members who wished to compete in the annual white-collar amateur boxing event, hosted annually by JAB. In addition to being a dynamic boxer in his own right, Jordan has competed in prestigious world-level BJJ competitions, including the Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials in 2013 which gave him an all-expenses paid trip to participate in the Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship.

Jordan’s specialty is in boxing training, using mobility and strength techniques, which he couples with his thorough understanding of human performance. He has a regular client base amongst participants of previous white-collar matches who return year-on-year to be coached and motivated by Jordan.

Jordan has managed to grasp the Morinovich training systems with an open mind and endless passion, and as a result, has developed his own unique understanding of Morinovich training systems. After years of working with an array of athletes from all walks of life, Jordan has developed a boxing program called ‘The Sweet Science’, which develops our boxers to the highest genetic level possible. 

Jordan focuses on the development of feet and the basics of speed, power and agility, believing that once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to greater challenges.

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Katherine has played competitive soccer and performed on the world stage in Irish dance for 18 years. After retiring from her years in competition, Katherine shifted her goals to strength training and physical conditioning.

Combining her knowledge of strength training for sports and teaching competitive dance, Katherine has a versatile ability to adapt to many individual’s fitness training goals. She is a PICP level I & II strength coach, and aT.C.R.G (Ireland) certified Irish dance teacher. She is also a Poliquin certified trainer.

Katherine specialises in developing diverse programs, whether it be for groups or individuals, they are always result driven and focused.

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Jeferson Barboza De Oliveira

Senior Coach

Jeferson Oliveira is a Brazilian Muay Thai fighter and coach with over 100 fights and a world championship under his belt.

Being a foreigner living in Thailand for 5 years, Jeferson was able to learn and gather extensive knowledge on the intricacies of being an active fighter, mastering Muay Thai techniques and specialising in intricate teaching methods.

During his fighting career, Jeferson has won the Xtreme Muay Thai World Championship (2014), the Brazilian national title (twice!), competed in all major fighting organisations both Thai and foreigner, and was ranked top 10 in the world for 3 years by the World Professional Muay Thai Federation (WPMF).

As a coach, Jeferson has helped train many professional fighters and newcomers alike. He is a calm and knowledgeable trainer and aspires to help his clients achieve their fitness and fighting goals. He has travelled extensively and coached globally, with Thailand, California and Hong Kong being home for extended periods. Having Jeferson on your side, or ring-side, is a masterpiece in motion.

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Kyle Edwards

Sports Massage Therapist & Senior Coach

Kyle is an internationally qualified massage therapist (both Sports and Holistic massage) who has worked with National and Provincial sports teams. He holds an internationally recognised qualification in personal training and is passionate about sport and has personally competed at Provincial level. With over 7 years’ experience in Sports Therapy, he has been extremely lucky to have worked with a large number of international and local sporting teams as well as events across a variety of disciplines globally.  Kyle’s career with The Studio by JAB allows him the opportunity to work with athletes of all levels and walks of life.

Kyle specialises in: 

  • Massage therapy
  • Special interest in sports massage and remedial massage 
  • Assessment, treatment and management of soft tissue issues and dysfunction
  • Recovery and maintenance work with local, national and international sporting teams
  • Recovery and support work at sporting events
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Tom Walsh

Senior Coach

Originally from London, Tom has been traveling the world since the 1990s to play/coach the various codes of rugby in Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and parts of Europe.  He has practiced martial arts in Japan and moved to Hong Kong in 2014 to study traditional Chinese martial arts.  His main focus is youth athlete strength and speed development.  Having worked with academy NRL players in Australia and youth internationals in Europe, Asia, and Oceania, he has extensive knowledge and experience in long term athletic development. He provides both onsite gym based services as well as outdoor sessions on the track or sports field.

His secondary focus is on injury prevention, a discipline to which he brings not only knowledge gained through a wide range of courses, but also his years of experience as a physiotherapist’s aide. Having taught personal trainers anatomy and programming in the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong, Tom is available for consultation for those wanting to improve their knowledge, develop more advanced strategies or simply have a better idea of what they should be doing in the gym on their own.

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Ida Yang

Senior Coach

Ida started out as an investment banker in Australia and Hong Kong, following her graduation from Monash University, in Melbourne.  Following her career in finance, for the past 6 years, Ida has focused on her passion for fitness.  Ida is a certified NASM trainer, and also holds the CHFI (Clean Health Fitness Institute) Performance Personal Trainer Level 1 & Level 2 certification, as well as being a certified Nutrition Coach.  She has recently completed her Functional Range Conditioning mobility course in Singapore. Ida got her first start in the fitness industry as a certified group instructor specialising in running a number of TRX, combat, small weight resistance training and core programs in both Beijing and Hong Kong.

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Ibrahim Labaran

Senior Coach

Ibrahim is originally from Ghana and has been boxing since he was 8 years old.  After seeing his father box and train people, he was inspired to become a boxer himself.  

Ibrahim is an accomplished boxer with over 20 years of disciplined training in amateur and professional league.  He feels that boxing is a way of life.

Ibrahim is an African title holder and his achievements include West African Champion, National Champion and winner of the WBF Title.

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Jacqueline Shek

Junior Coach

Jacqueline is born and raised in Hong Kong and grew up doing gymnastics during her childhood.  In 2016 she found indoor cycling in Hong Kong and kickstarted her love for the fitness industry.

Jaqueline started her fitness journey with the goal to encourage people to persue a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset.  Jacqueline is an active and enthusiastic Junior Coach and group class instructor, with a passion for keeping you motivated and challenged. 

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David Mahoney

Senior Coach

David is a lifelong athlete from the Netherlands with a combined 24 years of international basketball, American football and cricket experience, 3 years of which are professional.  He has an educational background in engineering, physics and exercise science, which gave him the tools to succeed as an athlete.  David has 8 years of experience training and teaching clients how to reach their goals, whether that was to increase in athletic performance, injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, and both general and specific body composition improvements.

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